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@mark wrote:

but in which case VPO is terribly unfair. The whole point of it is to help the poorest sections of society afford property.

Not exactly… that would be the point of VIS ‘Viviendas de inserción Social’ and even most of the promotions under VPP ‘viviendas de protección pública’, but there is also and more everyday the figure of VLT ‘vivienda libre tasada’ (although the names vary from region to region and in some places they are inserted in the general VPP as a sub-category) which main purpose is to avoid or unless try to avoid speculation and this mad building price rise and to give lower and mid class families the opportunity to access a decent home.

There are many, many classes of VPP targeted to a very varied ranges of family economies. It’s obvious that wealthy people and even middle to upper classes cannot access this kind of homes, but in the other hand the idea that only the poorest section of society can get them is wrong.

As I’ve said the VPP holds a wide range of actions, from subsiding the whole operation to simply helping promoters with planning regulations that allow building in some places in exchange for a limited and fixed final price… In the middle you can find also public help in paying mortgage interests, providing the necessary endorsement or guaranty to access a rented house, providing public land in limited prices to help new promotions…