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Thanks for that enlightenment Mark, thats very useful info for me. I knew that it was for strugglers with cash but i also maybe wrongly assumed that living in Spain with a residencia it might also apply to us “guiris” 😛 , although i like to think that I am not one of those as I actually prefer spanish culture to the british (flak jacket on)

I know someone who years ago bought a VPO and is a brit, got a very good deal as well so assumed it might be possible but Im struggling to get any real information on who it is offered to. i saw an article saying they might be building some in benalmadena but again no contact info 🙁 so its back to trawling the web to see if i can find out and where they might be. it would be great if it were possible though as trting to get onto the ladder here is just as bad as the uk at the mo!