Reply To: RTE News report on Costa del Sol property pains


Excellent report, thanks Mark.

I had the impression reporting on these problems was unpopular, Claire, possibly because there is a whole daytime tv industry etc telling you to go buy in Spain. I guess I got cynical.

Don’t forget it’s not just open plan buyers that have problems. My solicitor did not have the paperwork ready after a year for one sale, the sale fell thru, but only after the buyer said she was very rude to him at the signing.( I have his written account)she very nearly did the same again. The amount she has deducted for both sales is scandalous. She has sent me the most horrendous personal abuse, and sent me abuse about the buyer and on and on.

It’s clear she believes I have no recourse, it seems correctly, you have to have lost a lot of money before suing becomes worthwhile-and the complaints procedure is a nonsense.