Reply To: Unauthorised Site Plan Changes – Completion Advice Please



Hi all,
We are in dispute with our property in Casares in Malaga.We were due to complete at of Jan 06.

The bank recently did the surveyor and informed us of the missing sq m a quarter of the built area is missing.

When we spoke to our lawyer she agreed with the developer saying it was fine its part of the communal areas. We sent her the report then the she said the developer had breached their contract. Our lawyer advised us to ask for a refund or to get a reduction. We asked for a refund the developers refused. The lawyer has offered no further advice 😕

We emailed the lawyer asking the developer and the bank to survey the development again, and we have asked our lawyers to arrange a meeting to speak to the lawyers on both sides to resolve the matter

Please can someone tell me is their a better way to approach this and can you recommend someone who is based in Malaga to help ❓

thanks in advance