Reply To: Unauthorised Site Plan Changes – Completion Advice Please



To Tilly, Guest & all other poor souls out there!! 🙂

As Cesar wrote in his postings above, any advertising etc has a contractual power. Even if your contract offers you less than what the ad was promising, the ad is considered a higher contract in a court of law.

If for instance the brochure advertised the property as having a swimming pool and when it is built it does not have one, by law you are to be given compensation. Basically, if it is a lesser product than what you were sold and what you paid for, compensation is due!

Obviously, the use of a good solicitor and most probably legal action is required. As we all know developers are quick to take your money but not so quick when they have to refund you.

As Cesar said there are many cases where for instance the sq.m of a house were less than the specs attached to the contract and the developer was forced to pay compensation. It is absolutely true and we know that our developers (same as Sofia & Claire) had to pay compensation to purchasers on one of their latest developments because of that. The one that won the BRONZE AWARD for best apartment! 😯

Anyway! What I did want to ask Tilly, is whether your development has got a working building licence or not. The fact that so many things are missing makes me think that perhaps they have their licence suspended either presently or in the past? Also, the fact that they are already 2 years past the contract date does not sound too good either.

Maybe the reason why they had to abandon so many of the things they were supposed to be doing i.e golf course, swiming pools etc is because their original building licence was actually one of these licences that were ignoring all PGOU plans and environmental laws and, the developers, in their effort to save the actual buildings (they have to have something to sell after all) they had to leave everything else out. 👿

I’d be really interested to know!