Reply To: Unauthorised Site Plan Changes – Completion Advice Please



Hi Claire,
Yes, just a few bits and pieces. We think we have problems, but in comparison with the problems you and other members of this forum have we almost seem lucky!

Hi Cesar,
Many thanks for the very good advice. Unfortunately being aware of your rights under Spanish law is just the tip of the iceberg. We did appoint a lawyer last year to bring a civil action against the developer. We were introduced to him by a Graduate Social in the area and we left the paperwork and money with her. Now, eight months later, the lawyer says he was never instructed, another lawyer misdirected our case to the penal court where it has been rejected, the original lawyer has used our purchase contract in another case. (This is a very over-simplified version of events).

Our paperwork is now with another lawyer and we will see what he recommends. I wish redroseman the very best of luck with his legal proceedings.