Reply To: registering house on land


o.k. then – heaven forbid we should ‘criticise’ the procedure – I stand duly slapped for daring to comment on behalf of these people.

How about the fact they applied for the building licence in 2001 and it is now 2006….. and the Town Hall says don’t worry, everything will be o.k.

(quote)…..”as in the U.K. you make an application and pay for planning permission etc but it can always be rejected and you never ((do the)) works until you have permission to build…..”.(unquote)

Dare I at least venture a ‘comment’ on how slow this procedure has taken i.e. 5 years to get a building licence, accompanied by reassurances from the Town Hall.

Don’t quote U.K. at me – this situation (and many others I could name) just doesn’t happen in U.K.

As for reading these type of forums, please excuse my ignorance but at the time I ‘purchased’ my disaster back in 2003, I didn’t know these forums existed.
neither did many other families we now know who also ‘bought’ and got their fingers badly burnt.
There are thousands of us who (wrongly) trusted our lawyers to take care of us – as we do with our lawyers in the U.K.

And re. t.v. programmes – I don’t think they broadcast ‘negative’ stories back in 2001 – I never certainly saw any then.

Guest, whoever you are, you are obviously ‘perfect’ in all you do. i just hope you never suffer the stress, anguish and loss of money that many of us have. May your good luck (or sheer brilliance in all matters) continue.