Reply To: Unauthorised Site Plan Changes – Completion Advice Please




If you haven’t yet, go and find a lawyer ASAP (I’m afraid I’m repeating this in almost every post)

Although signing tittle deeds makes it much harder to make a later claim and we could call it highly risky, You have to bear in mind that if under given circumstances you cannot wait to sign, you don’t automatically loose all your rights just by signing something that gives you less than expected, anyway there are certain legal steps that should be made before, during and after signing that require skilful legal advice…

Also, if you signed a contract first, you have the right to ask for that contract to be fully complied and moreover, you may take into account that even every advertising brochure related to the development (i.e. describing the compound services), produced by the developers has in Spain the nature of a compulsory contract clause for the promoter/builder as the Spanish Supreme Court has settled in many cases making this issue a truly and full ‘case-law’ (I know this expression is used in the US, I’m afraid I don’t know if you use the same term in the UK)