Reply To: 2 years on and builder not started work!!



Hi Dol53,

Last week we went to a Notary Public (in England) and signed power of attorney for our solicitor in Spain to take Tecnologia to court. The solicitor has said it should cost about 10% of the amount the builder owes if it does go to court. He estimated that it may take 6-9 months.

Iberian have admitted that they have just under 18,000 euro of the monies (which they previously said they hadn’t) and if we signed a form renouncing our rights to the property they would give the monies back to us. We couldnt sign these forms obviously as we dont renounce our rights to the property until all monies from both Iberian & Tecnologia are paid back. Dont let them fool you into signing anything that is not clear and precise to your situation.

I am in contact with alot of people who bought here also and through Atlas. some have been waiting 10-12 months after the 6 month extra written into the contract and still have not got their money back yet. I have to say none of them has gone through a solicitor and are relying on Atlas/Iberian to get it for them. Of the people (1) I know who have had their money back they have not had any interest paid on the monies as stated in the contract.

If you would like anymore info e-mail me

Good Luck to everyone in getting back what’s rightfully theirs