Reply To: Update on capital Gains


Don’t hold your breath – they’ve been reported before, and not only about this particular legislation, and did diddly-doo-doos as a result.

This is against the fundamental principals of the European Union, where there is supposed to be free movement of people, businesses, capital, everything between the Eu members, and everyone is supposed to be treated absolutely equally, including taxes.

It seems the Spanish Government like to enjoy all the benefits/handouts of being an EU member, but regard anyone non-Spanish as an excuse to fleece them of every penny they possibly can.

Obviously Lee, you are absolutely right – the more complaints (screaming and shouting if necessary….) that are made, the more people push, then just maybe the Spanish Government will rouse from his siesta and do something.

In the meantime, they are happily pocketing this unfair tax…… 😆