Reply To: 35% capital gains theft


This topic was 35% tax, not state of property prices , thats life get used to it , house prices go up and down its not spains problem or uk problem or any ones problem , its all down to greed , but so what you are as bad as the first person trying to get on propety ladder ,we are all after one thing to make money in short all long term ,So lets just put up and shut up,, 😆 if the first time buyer can not buy so what , Ok it slows the property market good thing, Dont pitty the first time buyer he will not pitty the first time buyer in 20 years time when the average property price now 200000 in 10 years time 275000 in 20years time 400000 so dont worry to much,, 😆 REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE ALL FIRST TIME BUYERS,and what your mum dad said , and how much there home was, remember its not a spanish thing, every country is going through a property boom ,