Reply To: 35% capital gains theft


Anonymous wrote:
No they didn’t!!

The minimum wage here is around 460 Euros per month.

Do you think they can afford ‘Urbanisation’ Prices? Where we live 30 mins from Alicante Airport the Spanish teenagers can’t afford to Buy now. The foreign buyers have created a bubble that can only go one way.

Tony & Angie


So do I gather then that your business (that you advertised at the bottom of your posting re. buying property, renovating, and then re-selling, and how you are always looking for properties to buy up), is for the benefit of the local people?

What is your ratio of selling to foreign buyers as against the Spanish teenagers who ‘can’t afford to buy now’?

Don’t bite my head off with your pompous lecturing. The middle-men in property (like you two) are just as to blame for ‘creating a bubble’ as the foreign buyers…. like yourselves……
….I gather you are foreign, not Spanish, and that you bought the house you are living in, as well as all the other houses you buy up for profit).