Reply To: Suing successfully in Spain?


Hi Dorothy

Just thought I would let you know the result of your kind help in replying to my posting nearly a month ago.

As a result of reading the devwatch article you put me onto, I was so impressed with what this lawyer achieved when he ‘took on’ the great Aifos that I decided to track him down.

After a bit of detective work, I found him and this week have been out to Spain to see him.

To cut a long story short, he is going to start proceedings against our developer next week!

No procrastinating, no waffling, every question answered with clarity and to the point – oh how different to our original lawyer who could barely answer a single question with a straight answer.

Our developer, who took nearly 100,000 pounds from us 30 months ago, has never built a brick, expects us to wait ’til next October when his bogus bank guarantee expires despite admitting they never will build a brick, and who is very kindly now offering to return our money if we accept it with no legal interest (!), is finally going to have a nice post next week.

As Claire writes, how disgraceful that despite breach of contract, we have to go to these lengths just to get our money back.

But at least, if one can find a good lawyer where you have faith, it gives one encouragement to do something. The satisfaction alone now is worth the money.

So Dorothy, a big thank you for the lead, at least now I some ‘fire back in my belly’ for a fight, instead of depression and desperation.

And who knows, our developer may actually one day in court just have the ‘financial slapping’ he deserves.

I’m ready!!!