Reply To: 35% capital gains theft



Dear Imo / Lawbird,

Sorry if I have offended you or anyone in this forum. I have been cooperating here for about a year and my only intention was ( and will be for a while I hope) to give honest and professional advice.

But the advice given in this forum must be limited , at least from me, as I am giving my opinion as a professional , therefore it cannot be as complete as the advice given to mi clients. I want, and I like, to make clear that I am giving mi opinion as a lawyer and that’s the reason of my signature. For your information , in a year I haven’t got a single client from this forum, but from other section of this web site, and I have pleasure to keep giving my (not full as explained before) professional opinion in this forum.

I always double check my opinions before writing them in this forum, and I have done in the case of the capital gains tax, checking in the law and also with a tax advisor. But I can do mistakes as anybody.

Normally I finnish my opinions saying to contact an independent lawyer in your area or recomending some I know there. I think it is a big mistake to pretend a whole legal advice for your problem in this forum. You can only get ideas and opinions but you must always get in contact with a lawyer or another professional in your area.

Any way, sorry Imo/Lawbird again and have a good weekend everybody.

Jose Maria Sánchez Alfonso
Abogado / Lawyer
Málaga / Costa del Sol