Reply To: 35% capital gains theft



hello just like to say I dont mind paying, But 35%TAX, lawyers fees, estate agents fees, if you look at it this way50% intaxes to buy and sell IN SPAIN ,Would like to say spain is the most expensive european country to buy and sell, and wait for it might even be worlds most expensive country, May be as we are all in europe there should be one tax on buying and selling ,As spain is all about taxing there european neighbours on buying property AND SELLING,and no tax relief, no wonder people are now trying to sell and run, do you not think europe has built enough motorways for spain then to charge you more taxes, sorry for been so strong ,BUT WHY SHOULD SPAIN CHARGE 50%IN TAXESand not tax there own folk we dont do it here or do we/? AGAIN ITS ONLY MY POINT 🙄