Reply To: Recommended Websites in the Sunday Times



Hello Mark,
First of all let me say that I found your latest article in the Sunday Times refreshingly honest. It seems to me that newspapers so often paint a rose tinted view of the property markets in order to pander to their advertising clients, ie the estate agents.
Also, I can see that in your article you did not emphatically endorse any of the aforementioned websites, but you obviously did give them some publicity.
I wish that I could tell you about some challenges to the status quo, but after three years of renting and searching for a place to buy I am left fatigued and pessimistic. Part of the reason for this I am sure is my location -the Costa del Sol.
It seems to me that excessive commissions are a smaller part of the equation while the bigger part is unrealistic asking prices. Sellers dream up a price and the estate agent just goes along with them. Thats why in Sotogrande for example, almost all the properties I looked at two/three years ago are still on the market.
Well if I do come up with anything positive, I will get in touch.