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Just to add something about O**** E******. We went out in May this year to try and find out exactly what the situation was with regards to our “revoked” development, The “person” who “sold” us the apartment took us to another development, built by the same developer ( costing an extra 100,000 euros!!!) to see if we would like to “transfer! during the course of conversation he told us that in a few days time he was “off to Gleneagles to play in a “charity” golf match with the Football association.” OE were sponsoring it!!! I’m sure the 15% of commission they “earned” from us, 45,000 euros, and people like us, contributed to a wonderful time for the team they were sending there. We were then told of all the other little excursions they go on !!!!! 😈

When we were dropped off at the airport, close to slashing our wrists, we were told” I will keep in touch. I really CARE about you. I take it all very personally”………………we’ve never heard from him again ??? 😈 😈 As a PS, he told us he had bought a penthouse on our development with a friend, but not to say anything as he shouldn’t really do it. He couldn’t resist as it was such a good buy and that he wanted to buy his friend out on completion. He even discussed it with M***** G*****, the sales director when we went to their on site office! I cannot believe we were SO NAIEVE 😳 That info on the obscene selling tactics did not show up in the books we read OR the seminars we attended BEFORE our purchase. Sadly, we didn’t have this forum then. 😥