Reply To: New Purchasers??? Read These Links about this Company!!!



Bravo. Every word you say reflects many many peoples views, on O…. .. E…..s and the rest of the so called “i am your new best friend” agents. Like so many on the Costa del Sol, money is their only source of fulfillment. Shallow, but to agents such as these there will always be another sucker that bites the dust as far as they are concerned. There will always be another waiting to have his or her money taken if they are stupid enough to fall for it. Buyers beware.

I sincerely hope that views can honestly be expressed to anyone that will listen, to help drive these sharks out and whichever country they flock to. Let the newcomers listen and be warned by these comments. If this army of greedy lying sales agents leave Spain, they have to move on somewhere. After all, real sharks have to stay on the move or they die. Just watch the newer hotspots after the damage they have done to THIS coasts reputation.

Hopefully 2006 will see a genuine awareness to all in business or those who come to Spain to purchase property, that people are no longer going to take treatment like this lying down. If more people complained when they had a bad service in this country on any other, we would ALL get a good service.

Long live freedom of speech to expose the scum that ruin peoples lifes.
Especially on excellent forums like this one.