Reply To: New Purchasers??? Read These Links about this Company!!!



I can’t let this go by without comment…(particularly as the other thread has been locked!)

O…n are the pits as far as I am concerned. I have never come across such an opportunistic, shafting operation in my life. Like most of the operators in the spanish property market they take advantage of ‘green’ purchasers who, up until now, have not had any chance of finding out for themselves what goes on in Spain, relying on the smooth talking of ‘Professional Agents’ holding themselves out as the buyers’ friends and ‘who will help them through the process’.

It is about time that proper regulation was in place and effective remedies available. The ‘success’ of the agent depends on a manageable number of completions going through without major hitches and he never wants to know about sorting out the bum deals that he has introduced to clients. O…n hide behind ‘… its up to your lawyer’, ‘…our company lawyer says not to get involved’, ‘…why don’t you just go away, we can’t help ..its the developer’s fault’.

I am not alone.