Reply To: O***n estates in Turkey



Fine contradiction. You accuse me of being “only too happy to let people name O***n Estates”. Who?

You are quite wrong to say that I apply the rules inconsistently and against any one agent in particular.

The rule is that you can’t name a specific company in a negative context. Some people get round this by using codes such as O***n or use words that allude to the name. I allow this as, strictly speaking, it doesn’t break the rule. Furthermore it would be way too draconian to start forbidding posts that criticise agents but don’t actually name one in particular. That would mean forbidding any critical discussion of estate agents as a group, which would be absurd.

It just so happens that most of the references to estate agents in this forum have focused on one agent in particular. This has nothing to do with me. I don’t initiate these threads, and normally don’t participate in them. If there were other agents attracting the same level of criticism I would not treat them any differently, contrary to what you suggest on the basis of no evidence.

For all those wondering why I don’t allow you to mention companies by (proper) name in a negative context, it’s because I would have to spend too much time policing it (checking that criticisms are justified) and I doubt it would add much value to the forum. I also suspect the forum would quickly become boring and useless.

In future please don’t be so hasty to question my neutrality. You didn’t have good reason.

No need to respond. I’m locking this thread as I can see it going nowhere useful.