Reply To: New Purchasers??? Read These Links about this Company!!!



Paul is entitled to his opinion and this is a way of expressing those opinions, good OR bad, whether you like the opinions or not.

The fact is if it was YOUR money you would not appreciate anyone telling you to “move on”. If it was YOUR money that you had lost through one of these sharks then you would be bloody fuming like I would. To say the very least. Its not YOUR lifestyle or childrens future thats going to be on the line is it? Why should you care?

After living in southern spain for nearly 25 years, I can honestly say that 80% of the people I have had the pleasure to do “business” with have been dishonest, shady, totally without integrity and only interested in one thing before they move on. Money. They would stitch you up if they could get away with it. Fact.

Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it. I would like to hear Pauls or anyone elses view even if some of the readers dont like reading the truth.
Its unfortunate for you – Joe – as you are probably an agent, that by the very nature of your job you have to prove the opposite view to your future clients. That is unfortunate but true nevertheless.

And for all those who know who these sharks are? Expose the little s…..ts I say Name and shame them.

No more than they deserve.