Reply To: Crime on the Costas – cry for help



My business partner has an apartment in a complex just outside Marbella Town. They have been burgled 3 times during an 18month period.

1st time thieves stole the safe

2nd time they stole the car keys and the hire car

3rd time (due to the fact that all valuables are well hidden) they just stole a few shirts.

To counter these burglaries my partner has installed a security grille (burglars climb up the side of the building the apartment is on the 1st floor) and changed the locks on the door. Apparently it is common practice for builders to sell duplicate keys for front doors on new build developments to burglars.

Also lots of people on the development have been burgled.

Burglars target new builds because everything is new and the people are naive to the threat. (in our opinion)

What we could do with is a security advice company on the CDS to counter this threat. Something like Armadillo in the UK. I have searched for a similar company and have not found one, even looking for a company to fit security roller blinds is a headache.