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Nosmo – you are right, I am an agent. Or was an agent. But my optimistic comments are not made as a sales pitch to convince people to come here. They are my genuine observations – but that being said they are probably prejudiced by the fact that I plan to stay here for many many years and this is my home and I want it to be a place to take pride in. And I am by nature an Optimist. And again, I am only saying that I think it is better than a few years ago. We have a LOOOONG ways to go!

One of the ways I see a change is in the knowledge that many new people to the coast seem to possess. From conversations I have with friends who work for various agencies, I’m told over and over how clients are much more educated. Knowledgeable buyers will only help to reign in the unscrupulous agents and hold the lawyers and accountants to a higher level of behavior. (In theory anyway)

And it wasn’t my intention, as you say, to paint a picture of
“a bright and happy future for new agents thinking of working here on the CDS to be an agent”.
I personally don’t know how anyone could be a well-qualified, effective agent on the CDS unless they have lived here for at least several years. No offense to any new people to the coast who are agents. I just think there is so much more to being a good agent than chauffeuring clients to the different developments or showing them a few re-sales.

But to answer your question as to what I would tell my son or daughter who wanted to spend a year here. I would say:
do not trust people the same way you trust them back home. It is a different breed here. There is a large transient population, many of whom are here because they couldn’t or wouldn’t fit in to society back home. Many can appear quite professional and genuine and are very well spoken, but they will take your shirt if you let them.

I would say if you plan to spend a year here, great! Enjoy the sun, the night life etc. But if you plan to make a life here – learn the language, learn the customs, make Spanish friends, respect the country and the culture. The Spanish population NEED good ambassadors from other countries. They truly want to like the foreigners moving in – but we have to give them a reason. Namely – RESPECT.

I have so much more I would like to say – but I am afraid I am rambling again, so I will leave it at that.

Hasta luego mis amigos