Reply To: New Purchasers??? Read These Links about this Company!!!



Yes that was a hard hitting post by Costa Shark and yes there was some truth in it. But it also sounds like a bit of personal venting.

After all, Costa Shark, according to your own words –
“After living on the coast for many years and dealing in Property for a great number of those” – it sounds as though you have been an agent yourself. I would venture to guess you do not view yourself as one the corrupt of who you speak.

My only point is that not ALL are of the same mold. Yes there are many many horrible agents out there. But the good news – in my opinion, is that things are changing. Not fast enough, but they are changing. I have been here for a little over 10 years and I see the slowdown in the property market as the best possible thing for the CDS. 3-4 years ago when things were really flying high in the property game – the numbers of people who perfectly fit the description Costa Shark gave (ie everything out of ther mouth = Bull***t, Bull***t Bull***t) was astounding!! There are still a LOT here, but they are gettiing weeded out. And it is my hope that with all the people and businesses moving down here, we will continue to move toward the norm of business being done properly and transparently.

We have a long ways to go – but I truely believe we are moving in the right direction.

And education is the key. So I take my hat off to Mark for creating this board. I recommend it to everyone I come in contact with who is thinking about buying here. A little education and common sense will go a long ways.

Anyway – that was my rant. As you were.