Reply To: Abusive Agent’s Commissions



I notice the orginal poster of this thread had remained rather reticent to post again! It would be good to know the real story.

It seems to me the age old problem here will never change, people do not like paying for agents or middle men, their perception is of somebody that does very little for their money. Whether it be 1% or 10% somebody will always moan. The level of abuse is subjective. The property market here is complertley differnt to the UK, you only have to look at the US model and see that 5% is absolutley the norm and prices are generically much lower.

It is the sad fact that it’s the minority that are the rip off merchants and the majority of hard working REA that take the flack leaving the Spivs to waste their cash on flash cars and expensive meals and leave their punters high & dry.

The sooner this business gets some regulation the better! As an agent I would have no quarms in signing up to such a thing. We can live in hope. In the meantime, please remember there are plenty of good guys out here too!