Reply To: Probe into Costa Almeria Building Licences


I would like to update you on my earlier postings regarding our lack of building licence.

A neighbour has been to the town hall to see the plan which has been drawn up by the Junta. It shows our land, and our neighbours, in fact a large area in brown which they have been told is to be an area of natural beauty. i.e. not building land. The town hall say that we should not worry and our houses will not be pulled down. The “brown area” is still in disupute with the Junta as it extends right down into a valley. The town hall say that in the new rules only land on the top of a hill and 20 metres in height down the hill should be called and area of natural beauty and not built on.

The town hall have told our neighbours not to involve lawyers at this stage and to keep quiet. All will be OK. The town hall took monies for licences and did not correctly inspect paperwork when the buildings were going up. At no time has any site been taped off and told not to build.

Do you think we should keep quiet a bit longer?
Do you think we should carry on worrying and involve publicity and lawyers?
Does anyone know what sort of timeframe we should expect everything to be sorted out in?