Reply To: Lawyers in Murcia


Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for recommending Gonzalo Ross of Ross Legal Services in Aguilas. He has restored my faith in Spain after some very unpleasant experiences with the lawyers I got mixed up with in May. I would like to name them but guess you would not let me!

There are still some problems to resolve, mainly because we’ve listened to the wrong people in the past, but I’m confident that with advice from Gonzalo Ross we can sort this out.

I have been in the off-plan purchase process for three and a half years now. I would like to be able to say that because of everything I’ve learned I would be able to avoid the pitfalls if I did it all over again – but it wouldn’t be true. It is too easy for developers to disregard their obligations to purchasers, seemingly with the tacit approval of local government.