Reply To: Abusive Agent’s Commissions


Two points

Firstly that as the vendors lawyer surely you know every single cost involved, is that not your job? Hence the ambiguity in your figures is strange, you should know exactly how much the agent received in commission? I know any lawyer acting for the vendor I have met does? Apologies if you deliberatley intended to make it such, but it strikes me as odd.

Secondly, I think this point has been raised before as an agent I know the costs invloved in looking after and getting clients over and even at 9% which is good, it is by know means abusive. Advertising, offices and staff cost alot and the gross profit on most sales is significantly less than you all may believe.

The only worrying matter here on the CDS is the rogue agents miss selling to naive clients and lawyers not giving good advice. Eradicate these and you would see very few problems. Sadly it’s unlikely, as these guys thrive in this environment.