Reply To: Sofia and Claire


Dear banushouse,

Thank you for your thoughts, and yes, our Human Rights are being breached. But do they care?

In theory, yes it would be a good idea to “collectively” fight the powers that be! In practice it might be more difficult and detremental to the outcome, compared to going about it individually. Barbara & Katerina have possibly made some head way, although I don’t know the full details of their visit as yet. If they do get their money back in the not too distant future, as they have been told they could, then my husband & I will be taking the same action as they have. There is no point in putting ourselves through more stress than we already have. It has taken quite a toll on my health this year.

From the email that I received yesterday from another purchaser of the lower part of Greenhills, which should be completed soon, I have my doubts as to whether they will in fact get their money back as soon as they had hoped. It appears MANY of these apartments are still unsold. This is very different to what we had been led to believe by another source. As I said, who does one believe?

The lady who wrote to me has, I presume, bought as an investment having the plan to sell at completion, which the estate agent told her at the time of signing would be NO PROBLEM!! Guess what…they don’t want to know!!