Reply To: Sofia and Claire


I think some ‘contributors’ do forget that a lot of people on this forum are in real-life stressful situations with their purchase in Spain, many of whom stand to lose a large part of their life-savings through no fault of their own.

Both Claire and myself chose agents/lawyers/developers as carefully as we could at the time, as we were painfully aware through numerous newspaper articles and tv programmes that the ‘pitfalls’ were out there.
Yet despite our caution and research, we still found ourselves amongst those with the now dreadful ‘headache’ of trying to get our money back.

We hoped, by relating our story and experience, that it may just help someone reading our postings to be very cautious.
Being intelligent people, we know full well our particular experience does not mean that in every dealing, in the whole of Spain, there is a ‘crook’ involved. And I certainly have never ‘slagged off Spain’ as one contributor stated.
It is a country I fell in love with many years ago, and despite having lived and worked in many countries all over the world during the last 25 years -Spain was the country where I eventually chose to buy my future home. Bad luck for me that it has all gone wrong due to behind-the-scenes corruption, my dreams and future plans are in tatters – and I am left with a horrendous battle just to see my money back.
That does not mean I blame the whole country (!), but I do blame the few individuals that are involved in Claire’s and my case.

And as for ‘Kissamees’ accusing the British in general of ’employing a blame culture when things go wrong in a foreign country’, this is typical of the ‘unhelpful’ comments I am talking about.
I, and 62 other purchasers, have currently lost around £100,000 each to a developer who took our money over 2 years ago as a down-payment for an apartment, which they never ended up building, they then spend the money building another project and until they sell there, they do not have the money to pay us back.
Am I not allowed to ‘blame’ the crooked developer in question?
Possibly, if Kissamees are American which I suspect they are, their solution would probably be to go to therapy and take ‘anger control classes’.
Well, that money represents working and saving hard for many years, including making many sacrifices – and as far as I am concerned I have no shame in ‘blaming’ the company that has misappropriated my money.
If that makes me help create a British ‘blame culture’ then so be it.

Mark was right to close the Trevor McDonald thread because when contributors only want to make personal attacks or think it is amusing to make wind-up comments to people already hurting, it totally belittles the serious and valuable role this forum plays.

Barbara & Katerina – also involved in the same development – recently went out to Spain to confront their lawyer and developer in question.
I know they felt they were armed with very valuable information gained from this forum, especially from the ‘Spanish Lawyers’ and ‘Reply to Drakan’ thread.
There was intelligent interchange with valuable advice from the likes of Drakan and Jose Maria Sanches Alfonso (both of whom are lawyers who help us with their time and expertise for free) and patiently answer questions, and to whom serious members of this forum have cause to be very grateful. Plus loads of others who offer their knowledge and bits of info. as and when.

As Mark rightly says, an unacceptably large number of people run into serious problems, even if they are a tiny group compared to the many satisfied buyers.

Let this tiny group discuss these serious problems, exchange news, help each other with solutions and give encouragement and support. Don’t belittle, critcise, or make personal attacks – it is unhelpful, is not constructive, and is not the objective of a very valuable forum.

I just wish I knew at the time of buying what I know now re. essential contract clauses, Requerimiento Notarials, Bank Guarantees (intensive/extensive course found in ‘Spanish Lawyers’ thread!), and many aspects of the Spanish law. All thanks to this forum.
Long may it last and long may it stay focussed!
And Paul…..thank you