Reply To: Abusive Agent’s Commissions



The agent works for a big developer who has built largely in Elviria, some of the buildings are illegal as mentioned previously, still they act (with english agents ) in that area selling properties as estate agent ( not only the properties they buit). I don’t think they are irish, not sure.

Even if the commission is not 14% ( I still thik it is ) but 9%, I consider it abusive.

I think that both sellers and buyers should ( in this web site it is recomended to do so) deal the commssion with the agent, don’t just accept what the agent is adding on top ( for the seller) or which commission is included in the price ( buyer ).

That practice is absurd and abusive. It is taking also to an increase in the prices unnecessarily, also it makes agents gridy for easy money and feeling that they don’t need to be proffesionals to earn money.

Jose Maria Sánchez Alfonso
Abogado / Lawyer