Reply To: Trevor Mcdonald


I’ve deleted the squabbles and am now locking this thread. It wasn’t going anywhere productive.

Let me end it by saying this. I have a unique view of the Spanish property market. I cover the whole country, am in touch with many relevant people (developers, agents, lawyers, officials, buyers, etc.) and see both the good and bad. Based on my experience I can safely say that things turn out fine for the vast majority of foreign buyers. It’s just that happy and satisfied buyers don’t end up venting their anger and frustration in a forum like this. They are off somewhere enjoying their properties.

On the other hand, an unacceptably large number of people run into serious problems, even if they are a tiny group compared to the many satisfied buyers. This forum is here for discussion, but also so people can learn from others, and one of the most helpful things this forum can do is point out the big risks (and with a bit of luck help those in trouble to solve their problems). So the posts from people who have run into problems are valuable, as they help others just starting out to identify and avoid the big risks. But it would be a mistake to think that these problems are always unavoidable or affect the majority.