Reply To: Trevor Mcdonald


to Punka, Elk and a certain guest……

No, guys, you really don’t get it, do you.
See if you can concentrate hard, put your brain into gear (first gear will do, you don’t want to run before you can walk, do you dears…..) and I will try to explain in a simplistic fashion that the likes of you may understand.

Devious developer gives bent backhander to naughty ‘government official’ in exchange for a nod and a wink and a bogey building licence to build somewhere where said developer really shouldn’t.

Big apartment development means loads of commissions for agents, loads of fees for lawyers, loads of taxes for you-know-who, and best of all……. loads of deposits for the developer (who probably didn’t have the capital/cash flow to build such a development in the first place, but who cares, he can build it with all the 30% deposits coming in from the buyers).

Now guys, are you still concentrating (if it helps, try sticking a forefinger up one of your nostrils, it always seems to help my six year old Godson) because the next bit gets a little more tricky….

All the above ‘professionals’ know that the whole thing is a big risk.
No building licence? No problem. Suspended building licence? No problem. All will be sorted later.
Company directors can change a company name, re-apply again for that building licence, worry about everything manhana, the important thing is to continue to lie that everything is o.k., just so long as that lovely money is rolling in!
Then, oops! A change of power in an election for example (no Mark, I’m being good and not mentioning names/places) and the plug gets pulled from the whole ‘basin of corruption’.

The result? The agents have their commissions, the lawyers have their fees, and the developer? Well, having ‘sold’ 62 apartments, all those
30%’s add up to about 6,000,000 euros, hey!…..there is now enough money to build a NEW development – let’s forget this one, too many problems.
What?… return all this lovely money to the purchasers, God no, they can wait until we build our new development with their money. Then when we sell THOSE and get more money in, then we’ll pay them. Who says the Spanish don’t have a good business-sense????

THAT, my dear little guys, is basically the situation that Claire and myself found ourselves tangled up in.

Now I am not stupid, and having talked with Claire at great length on the ‘phone, I know neither is she.
Agent? Claire chose a big company (high-profile and proud enough to advertise on t.v.), big offices in huge glass building – they certainly aren’t going to disappear overnight. Must be solid.
Me? I chose one of the biggest estate agents in London, been around for years, 103 offices worldwide etc. etc. When I walked into their Marbella office, I had confidence that I was in safe hands.

Research? Yes, we looked at the developer’s track record – many great 5 star developments under their belt on the same golf course. Why should this one be any different?
And now?
We are having to fight to get our money back (their attitude is almost like, well – it isn’t our fault our building licence got suspended, and that we are unable to bribe these new people in office..)

This is probably one of the most stressful experiences I’ve had to endure in my life (as I know it is for Claire as well), to the point it has affected our health.
And then you Punk(a), and ELK and a certain guest, come along to a forum that is basically to exchange encouragement and advice between people in similar situations, and you write pathetic, child-like, rude comments, putting the blame on us.

For the three of you to talk about analagies of hands in fire, Mr. Blobby and Moon lawyers, you are an insult to people who are already hurting. By your attitudes, you have obviously not been cheated and lost money in a way like most of us have.

I suggest that if my somewhat lengthy lesson has failed to educate you in the realities of what is happening in many situations around Spain, and that you still don’t understand where blame rightly sits (whether you want to accept it or not), i suggest you leave this forum and concentrate on your children’s novels about Mr. Blobby and moon people, about which you are obviously so much more knowledgable.