Reply To: Urgent tax advise needed


Dear Drakan, Thank you so much for explaining how the tax system works and is calculated. Your explaination is so clear and straight forward, it now all makes perfect sense. I only wish my lawyer and EA could have explained it this way, then I would not have felt as if I where going round in circles.
I hope that Mark will keep your reply on file, so that anyone else who comes forward in a similar confused state, will have the benefit of such a great and simplistic explanation.
I thank you Drakan, from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to offer help and advice to myself and others on this site.

Another question for Mark, if I may, on your reply, you said that residencia renewal could be achieved in 2 weeks !!! Have you managed to achieve this yourself in such a short timescale? as I am still being led to believe it will take many months, maybe, possibly up to a year !!
Any tips to cut this time down? I intend to re apply this week and any advice/insight you can offer, before I do so, would be most appreciated.

Many thanks again to both Drakan and Mark
Kind Regards