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Hi Claire

How are you doing? 🙂 (I sound like Joey in ‘Friends’ !

EXACTLY. That is what we understand to be the case. Just wondered if this lawyer knew something that we didn’t – joke. In fact he actually said in his accompanying e-mail with his so-called Report that quote
“We should not send the requerimiento notarial before having a meeting with the developer. We should wait to hear their position….”
What?… he unwilling to upset them?????
Anyway, we are going ahead with the RN (and the meeting) without him – as Drakan recommended, we should dump them and get ourselves a new lawyer, and that is exactly what we are doing. Hopefully he is good, knows his oats and has ‘teeth’.

Will obviously get in touch when we are back, will give you a call – wish us luck!!

Drakan – are you in Marbella? – if you see two girls charging up and down the streets between OMIC and the colegio de abogados (and periodically diving into the ‘Cafeteria Marbella’ in the street ‘Ramon y Cajal’ for a strong cafe con leche) – it might be us……:wink: 😉 😉 !!
B & K