Reply To: Spanish Lawyers



Dear Drakan

Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated to know where we stand on this – because Monday we are coming over to Marbella 8)

a) We are meeting a new (recommended) lawyer 😀


b) To have a meeting with the lawyer of the developers. 👿
To give you an insight on what we are dealing with, we have found out
that his ‘position’ at this meeting is going to be:

i) what is your problem, you are guaranteed to get your money back next September 2006 re. Bank Guarantee enforcement date (!!)

ii) this development has lost us a lot of money, we have had to pay a lot of commissions to agents etc. and now this development is not going ahead we can’t afford to give you your money back now.

iii) we have offered you alternative apartments at alternative developments of ours at a discount, that you can complete on immediately, so why not choose one of those?
(He knows we have sold our house this year expecting to move to Spain – because they ‘forgot’ to tell us a year ago when they knew the development was not going ahead!!).

We have already instructed our lawyer to start the procedure for the Requerimiento Notarial to get our contract made null and void (contract expired last weekend) as a first step.

So, it looks like we are going to have a great meeting, but we are well-armed with information of where we actually legally stand with the help of Spanish Law websites, and helpful information from you Drakan (we feel we are now experts on the subject of Bank Guarantees!).

On our return, will let you know how we get on –
Thanks again for all your help
Barbara and Katerina