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Dear Sir,

You can sign a power of attorney in UK following the instructions from your lawyer , if you sign it in english then it needs to be translated into spanish overhere , it is a good idea to sign it in Spanish even before an english notary public ( if they accept it ) and then apostille it although the ideal is to sign it to sign it at any Spanish Consulate.

The alternative is to sign it when you come to Spain and meet who is going to be your lawyer, lawyers in Spain are reputable professionals and you can trust them absolutely (but don’t take the agencie’s lawyer) , 99% of my colleagues in the Costa del Sol are honest and good professionals so they should be in the Region of Murcia.

Anyway in a power to buy you don’t give so much power to your lawyer, it is mainly buy a property , deal with the Tax Office, sign private documemts prioir or after the deeds and g the NIE for you, it shoulnd’t include any more.


Jose María Sánchez Alfonso
Lawyer / Abogado
Costa del Sol,

I am sorry I cannot agree with your statement “lawyers in Spain are reputable professionals and you can trust them absolutely “. I was unfortunate to use a lawyer upon relocating from one Costa to the other and ended up with a legal “nightmare” which 12 months on is still no nearer to resolving. 🙁

I agree with my colleague. There are four or five law firms you ought to avoid in the CDS. PM Mark, the web administrator for details on them.

Those 4 or 5 law firms are no more than 40 lawyers in Málaga province. We are nearly 4.000 lawyers in Málaga. As I’ve posted again and again, 1% of bad lawyers(=40) are giving the other 99% a tainted reputation.

POA should always be very restricted to a given property etc.. I would seldomly give general powers to a lawyer. Same as in the UK.

Bottomline is that POA ought to be specific.