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Dear Drakan
Thanks for all your replies which have been soo helpful, not only to me but loads of others who you take the time to respond to.
For my part at least, please don’t think we take this (free) help for granted, because I certainly don’t.

Can I ask – Would a title deed obtained from the Public Notary show not only the current owner of the land and the date they purchased this land, but also who the previous owner was (in other words, will it show who they purchased it from)?

If it does not show the previous owner, is there any way of finding out this information?
With thanks

Hi Sofia.

Thanks for your kind words. 😉

Yes indeed.

The Title Deed (Escritura de Compraventa) will certainly state who the seller (previous owner was). All you need is the Notarie’s “número de protocolo” (registry number) and know the name of the Notary Public. And obviously pay for a copy.

In the Land Registry they also keep a detailed record of all previous owners of all properties.