Reply To: Spanish Lawyers



Then please don’t come over to the forum and critisize tha spanish at large.

I dont think that was what I was doing, on the contrary I choose to live here because I respect the spanish race.

I think we critisise the corruption along the CDS/Marbella region. Most of which is evidenced by ENGLISH estate agents preying on mainly english people. Unfortunately as evidenced by the White WHale scandal – they have corrupted a number of local lawyers along the way.! That coupled with the Spanish tendancy to be honest and friendly(agreeable) means that the property developer criminals on the Coast have been able to lie to the inexperienced spanish lawyers. Remember these people can con the most experienced lawyers and buyers, unless you are looking for the problems with Licenses/Bank Guanatees etc you would belive their lies.

After all is a huge company which built hotels, on paper you would not expect them to con your client – unless you had dealt with them before.? 😈

Likewise because most of the Spanish agencies have to have all the correct paperwork and licenses – why would you expect the leading EA on the coast NOT to have its paperwork in order??? How many people where suprised when Intereality closed down, I think in terms of offices they where the biggest in Andalucia??

Buying property here is a nightmare for the unsophisticated buyer – stick to resale property and you will avoid 90% of the problems.