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@banushouse wrote:

British ought to have enough backbone and denounce irregularities, the laws are there but all of you are not making good use of them.

Dear Drakan

I instigated Denounica against Awful Estates my problem was my Lawyer (nothing to do with them) advised me against it = because

1. it would take years for anything to happen
2. I would have to be here to attend police station and courts.
3. Obviously it would all be transacted in Spanish and Legal spanish at that.
4.They have greater resourses then me and he felt they would “influence” the court to either drag it out or throw it out.

and finally he had heard a rumour there was dozens of others already filled against them but no action had been taken because of the amount of cash they bring to Marbella’s economy!!!!

Nor really giving you any faith in Legal System on CDS


4.I doubt it.

Then please don’t come over to the forum and critisize tha spanish at large. it is up to you (speaking in general terms to all forum-users) to take the matter further legally. The laws are there.

If I think they’ve wronged me I would sue only as a last resort, knowing them, it is the resort.