Reply To: Spanish Lawyers

Claire wrote:

Another couple who bought on the higher level of Green Hills in June 2003, who were only told on 19 Sept 2005 that it was not going to be built have sent a 25 page document to the OCU with a mass of evidence of malpractice from their agent/lawyer/ developer/promoter……..

Just to make a correction to Claire’s posting, we sent our documents – not to the OCU – but to the CEC (Centro Europeo del Consumidor, a.k.a. European Consumer Centre).
We are in touch directly with Claire – and I know her brain is as addled as ours with all that has been happening, so am impressed she even remembers there was a letter ‘C’ in there somewhere!!!!!

The CEC is basically an EU initiative where all EU countries must have one of these offices to help cross-border disputes (i.e. where a member of one EU country has a problem with another EU country). The office is manned by qualified lawyers, can look into your problem and MAYBE look at organising an ‘arbitration’ meeting with all parties. Like a pre-court thing. If they decide to call one of these meetings, ALL parties must attend (no choice, rather like being subpoenad – spelling???), so a rogue developer/estate agent etc. can’t wriggle out of attending.
We don’t know what their decision will be once they have waded all through our documentation, but we have so much evidence of fraud, mis-appropriation of funds, deceitful advertising etc. etc. that we hope they WILL be willing to intervene. This is a EU-driven thing so let’s see what happens. We have to wait for about 2 weeks for a response.

Be sure that we will inform all of you out there via this forum of what results we get, so you will know whether the whole exercise is worth it or not and whether it is an avenue for you to try.

If I have got any of the info. or facts wrong that I have just written re. the CEC, and Drakan is reading this :wink:, would appreciate his comments and am happy to be put right! Us laymen are doing our best in what is a totally ‘new field of experience’ for us.

Barbara and Katerina