Reply To: Spanish Lawyers



Were you buying into the upper level of GREEN HILLS? If so then …at last 😀 there are more of us finding each other. My husband & I have the same issues. With the wonderful help of Barbara & Katerina (they have yet to post their situation) it appears that at the time of signing our contract, Marbella Vista Golf did not own the Building Licence. This is probably why we did not get a bank guarantee soon after the contract was signed. (Ours is dated March 15th 2005 !!!) and why, when it was issued, it was dated SEPT 2006. They also had/have a mortgage on these apartments which was also not disclosed by DLM.

Who are your Lawyers? Probably DLM, Andersons Or Balms (sp?)

Our Lawyers have (persistently)asked the legal dept of the holding bank of our guarantee if, under the circumstances, they would activate the guarantee this year. Answer …NO. so we are stuck with Sept 2006.

Absolutely no lawyer in the UK would have signed a contract WITHOUT getting assurance of a Bank Guarantee AND advising us of the fact. Also there are illegal clauses in the contract. Had we been informed of this we would NEVER have agreed to signing of a contract. Also in the UK, we usually sign the contract in person, after going through it in minute detail. Only when all parties are happy is it signed. WE trusted the lawyers to act on our behalf and in our best interests. WHAT A MISTAKE! 😈 😈 😈