Reply To: Lawyer Problems and Indemnity



I THINK SPAIN HAS A BAD PROBLEM with bad lawyers, and the spanish goverment seems to have a hand in it , They dont seem to be ripping there own spanish folk of, only the rest of europe, , Think of how many people buy in spain, how many people are taking for a ride, there are many people been riped of, Thats why the spanish goverment keep quite , building is there bread and butter, they are not going to shout it out about all crooks in development and lawyer. repeat lawyers, as we would all stop buying there and goverment would loose out , all the tax, How the hell can we trust when we dont know who to trust, Shame really, i think spain coast has had it , but whos fault is it,, its are own fault as we feed it,take the feed away and they wilt ,, this is a very good forum ,DRAKEN you are the 1% good in lawyers, 98% of the rotton apple needs to be bined….. I THINK LAWYERS NEED TO BE STRUCK OF OR COME TO ENGLAND AND LEARN HOW TO BE A PROPER LAWYER we can trust 99% of our lawyers ,but we do have 1% bad but they are shamed and struck of and shut down in weeks and not much paper work, I blame the spanish govermnent in all of this and the courts WHY SHOULD THEY CARE ITS ONLY USE AFTER ALL 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄