Reply To: Lawyer Problems and Indemnity


@Keith wrote:

The other thing there was a cash payment as part of the deposit that the lawyer handled – he did not discourage this – should he have told us not to make this cash payment? Is the cash payment recoverable?

I don’t like speaking about this subject.

This is ilegal albeit a common practice throughout Spain.
Your lawyer must discourage you from doing this.
Bpayments are naturally not recoverable and do not even mention it before the ICA. Consult with your lawyer.

With the contract the constructiopn/architectural plans should be attached, SIGNED in every page, as well as the memoria de calidades or quality material scroll which specifies the type of marble,the typeof wood,the make of kitchen apparel etc…

Your lawyer failed to do this ? 😯 What can I say ? Speak toyour new lawyer, you will be awarded a compensation by the developer if you have lessmeters squared constructed than in contract. You must ALWAYS ensure this in Spain.