Reply To: Lawyer Problems and Indemnity



I’m extremely dissapointed hearing your case.

Yes Keith, you are in your right and would surely win at the ICA of the province where yourt lawyer is collegiated should you put forward the case..

Those bank guarantees are there to recover your moneis in case of default payment of the developer. Normally you must allow us a coupleofmonths unafter payment until we get said guarantee. In this case if it dates back from january 2004 there is no excuse. Your lawyer is liable.

May I add also that you are not compelled to acquire a different property. You can pullout of the contract, recover all your money (including deposit) and ought to be paid 6% interest as from Law 57/68. the fault lies clearly with the developer.

Your lawyer’s lack of professionalism is outstanding to say the least.

By all means you may have access to our professional indemnity fund If such is the case as you post. I don’t know what’s the amount allocated for this in Alicante province.

Retrieve all emails, faxes, letters etc of the case and take it to the ICA of Alicante. I’m sorry to hear this case.