Reply To: Spanish Lawyers


Hi Tilly.

I’m at a loss with your post.

You’ve hired a graduado social to help you out instead of a lawyer ???!!!

That’s as If I go to a lawyer to have my teeth pulled out instead of a dentist (no pun intended).

I’ve read your post three times and I’m still unsure.

The cédula de habitabilidad hasn’t been granted by the town hall yet I take it.

So you have a property off-plan for which you’ve alredy paid the full price and you havent gone yet to the notaries to complete ? That is despicable to say the least.

You are not obliged to complete at the notaries If the Licencia de primera ocupación hasn’t been granted yet, they cannot force you and you would win at the courts.

The electricity, water etc…is paid at completion at the notaries once the building is over, the licencia de primera ocupación has been granted by the town hall and you have the licencia de final de obras.

You NEVER pay to the developer all the money without all these guarantees and licencias. Do you have an insurance policy to ensure all the payments you’ve done until now ? This is very important should the developers experience “financial troubles”.

Please explain and expand further on a post hereinbelow so I discern exactly your legal status.

If you are a foreigner purchasing in Spain always use a duly qualified lawyer who is collegiated at the Bar Council of his province. In this case if something goes wrong and you are wrongly advised you have a professionalindeminity fund worth 300 k E per lawyer/case.

A “graduado social” IIRC is a professional who deals with the social security, lay offs, labour issues. He has NO legal knowledge whatsoever outside his very specific professional scope. Professiopnal intrusism is the word that comes to mind If they are acting in conveyancing …

These are thier functions in Spanish: