Reply To: Spanish Lawyers


Hi Drakan,

I hope you haven’t been too innundated with queries after your generous offer to respond and have time to answer my question.

We bought off-plan in 2002 – wish we had seen all the good advice on this site before we did so – with a completion date of early 2004. At that time the developer did not have a building licence so we waited over a year for that to be issued.

We were about to sign the escritura in May this year when our adviser – a Graduate Social – told us that there was no Habitation Certificate, so we did not.

We have paid the contract price in full. We have also paid for builders supply power and water. The developer has refused to give us the keys.

We know that we can take the developer to court and have started proceedings but this adds on another year and we have already waited too long to use our house.

Is there anything we can do to get our keys now, other than roll over and let the developer take away all of our legal rights by signing the escritura.

I would be very grateful for any advice.