We went with one of the big UK Companies who advertise on UK TV. P******

The UK agents are interested in one thing and one thing only – selling you off-plan!!! – its madness to go along with this, there are idenitcal properties on the same site for sale as resales – these are often cheaper!!! and they are finished!! you can move into them and all of the problems with licenses etc would have been sorted out by the original purchaser!!!

If your agent refuses to show them to you – all you have to do if to ring the number on the SE VENDE signs or speak to a local small spanish agent.
who has been cut out of the off-plan feeding frenzy which generally only rips off UK, Irish or english speaking people. You dont see any spanish buying off plan do you? ,may be thats a clue to whats going in the market?

If greed if your only reason for continuing to buy SPanish off-plan, please dont expect any symphathy when if all goes wrong. There are genuine frauds exposed on this board and some of the stories are very sad but they all come down to the same thing. YOU CANNOT ~TRUS~T “professionals” on the Spanish Coastal areas.

You can completely circumvent most of the problems by buying resales on the coast, and still get your “dream in the sun”. Resale in the campo is another story!!