Reply To: Spanish Lawyers


All complaints reagarding spanish lawyers in the costa del sol should be adressed to the Colegio Oficial de Abogados de Málaga.

We have a profesional insurance for malpractice of up to E 300K or GBP 450.


I can tell you that in my lawfirm we do a detailed breakdown of all costs involved routinely, the client doesn’t even have to ask for it.

Under Law 57/68 all downpayments you make before completion are guaranteed by means of a bank guarantee or insurance company. Your lawyer must ask for this, and this is done after the signing of the contrato de arras (deposit contract) and private contract and ALWAYS before completion. It’s only a simple paper, nothing fancy and is valid for a certain timeline and only for a given amount. Pester your lawyers until you/they have it and ask them to fax a copy over to you If neccesary.

If you have complaints regarding any spanish lawyer, do not hesitate in contacting the ICAM. If you have any queries I’ll answer them in these forums.