Reply To: What’s going on in the off-plan investor market?


@Anonymous wrote:

ive bought on polaris world golf resort , with intentions to get a better rent yield than the uk market, so i have decied to rent it as well as have holidays there, i have also bought on covera golf and country same again with intentions to rent , the new airport in the region murcia will be coverea with better access the property prices there are bound to shoot up so guys if u bought in these areas long term u are laughing , short term lets so u gus are crying, get onto the polaris world property forum which discusses all the polaris world property potentials and pitfalls guys
im remember polaris is advertised on tv and is a good buy longterm not short term……

remeber as on the advert it say s tommorow jack………polaris

Sounds like a DESPERATE Polaris world employee to me !!!! 🙄